As we know as customers you get confused to choose the right products when we keep many models in the showcase and every product will have the features except the visible changes and designs.

We at NERO RO is a part of a Renowned technical company for water and wastewater treatments in India wants to show you the difference on the features as the model and you can choose the model according to the requirements as drinking water and our appearance on the product will be same but with the customized technical differences.

customize Your Water Purifier

  • RO

    Reverse Osmosis

  • UF

    Ultra Filtration

  • UV

    Ultra Violet

  • Added Mineral

    Alkaline Mineral

  • AFS

    Auto Flush Switch

  • LPS

    Low Pressure Switch

Our Technical descriptions

RO – It purifies the water making it free from dissolved salts and solids and allows on the water taking all from it as reject.

UF – Ultra Filtration It clears the Turbidity and Microbial content in the water.

UV – This sterilizes the water and ensures it is not contaminated for a longer time. Added Minerals – This adds the PH level in water in turn making it an ideal drinking water, It also add the required alkaline in water for Diet and healthy, as RO takes all from the water during process

LPS – Low pressure switch is to indicate you that no water coming to the pump. This really helps you to safe guard your pump life alarming you with a noise that the Pump is running dry.

AFS – Auto flush, this is really needed to clean the membrane as vessel washing to clear the dust settled in the membrane while filtering the water, This helps you to safe guard your membrane long so you get tasty water for a longer lifetime of the membrane.

Our Recommendations

For a Family with kid and adults – RO+UF+UV+LPS+AFS+ Minerals

For a Family with only Adults – RO+UF+LPS

A couple as Family – RO+UF+Minerals

An Age Old Couple - RO+UF+UV+LPS+AFS+Minerals

Bachelors – RO+LPS+AFS+Minerals

NOTE: All Recommendations are from our prospective, we always request you to decide and customize from your point of views and requirements.

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